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Rox ([personal profile] starshowers) wrote2012-01-14 02:15 am

Time to break this in!

New journal, new site, new...newness...I say this means I need a new introduction, too! Nevermind that anyone here knows me already - it just feels weird to start fresh without something that feels like a first post.

So hello there, Dreamwidth! This is Rox, some girl who roleplays a lot (but is still incredibly slow), is a lot little on the terrified of anything that breathes shy side, wants to be a writer (but can't even finish a story), and is currently going to a college in Texas with the intent of eventually majoring in some sort of East Asian Languages program...somewhere that isn't in Texas. Interesting stuff, right?

Except no, not really, and I'm totally okay with that. This is my personal journal, for my personal interests and thoughts. I'm not good at being fun, entertaining, or amusing, as much as I wish I was. Whatever comes out here won't be amazing, so I'm not expecting a lot of attention or commentary or anything. I will, however, always and forever appreciate anyone who does friend me, or anyone who will let me friend them, because...quite honestly, I feel lucky to have anyone even so much as acknowledge that my journal exists. Hopefully, I'll have plenty of chances to shower you guys in love, because I never do enough of that. ♥

Let's see...I came over to DW with the Livejournal RP exodus, though I still plan on keeping up with my personal journal ([ profile] rox_chan) there via crossposting from here for the near future. As a lot of people here probably know, though, I haven't so much as touched my personal journal for well over a year. I've been using my plurk ([ profile] xLadyRoxanne) almost exclusively during that time.

But I'm changing that, and not just because this site is shiny and different and I want to play with it (though that's very, very true). I think using my personal journal more often and making myself write longer entries that I can think through and edit will be good for me. I'm going to force myself to do at least one entry a week, whether or not it's actually about things that are going on in my life. It's something that I need, I think, for the sake of my mental health. So I'm gonna do it, even if no one else is using personal journals anymore.

I even went back and made all of my old entries private, even though I imported everything, so this really can feel like a fresh start...whatever that means.

Let's see how this goes!

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