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Rox ([personal profile] starshowers) wrote2015-06-09 11:27 pm

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I think I need to do an entry here, since I'm on a plurk hiatus (though no one will see it here, but that...doesn't really make much of a difference these days). Right now I'm exhausted and out of it and I can't even form what I need to talk about from the mush that is my brain.

I'm also in one of those Moods where I want to say things but I don't want to be actively in a conversation, because conversations are Fast and Difficult no matter who they are with and I am and always will be terrible at them and terrified of them.

So here I am. Whining to a text box. This is it.

...I honestly don't know what I'm even doing anymore, on so many levels.

completely unrelated, but I should refresh this journal's icons.

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